Fuel cells

12 January 2017

The group of Prof. Dr.Ing. Christina Roth at the Freie Universität Berlin conducts research in the area of electrochemical energy technologies. In particular the group works on the systematic structural and electrocatalytic characterization of novel (nano-)materials, the development of new (nano-)materials, and the development of functional 3D-electrodes for low-temperature fuel cells, lithium ion and redox flow batteries. The group makes extensive use of electrospinning for the preparation of tailored porous electrode structures from novel materials. They work on optimization of the nanofiber morphology, membrane porosity, fiber functionalization and the development of free-standing 3D-electrodes with enhanced activity and durability for the respective application.

  • A. Fetyan, I. Derr, M. K. Kayarkatte, J. Langner, D. Bernsmeier, R. Kraehnert and C. Roth, ‘Electro-Spun Based Carbon Nano-Fibers as Alternative electrode Materials for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries’, Chemelectrochem 2 (12) (2015) 2055-2060.
  • K. Bachtin, M. Kaus, S. Indris, M. Knapp, C. Roth, H. Ehrenberg, ‘Comparison of Electrospun and Conventional LiFePO4/C composite Cathodes for Li-ion Batteries’, Materials Science and Engineering B (2016), DOI: 10.1016/j.mseb.2016.04.006.