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Judith Heikoop appointed MD

05 March 2018

Judith Heikoop has recently been appointed Managing Director of IME Technologies, based in Geldrop (near Eindhoven), The Netherlands. Previously, Judith was Director Business Development at Crucell, and New Business Development Manager at DSM Food Specialties. She will conduct management together…

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Electrospin 2018

02 November 2017

Electrospin2018 is the 5th International Conference on Electrospinning. The conference will provide a dedicated platform for students, researchers, and engineers from both academia and industry to exchange knowledge in this continuously growing and interdisciplinary field. Topics of interest include, material…

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Electrospinning Research

17 October 2017

IME Technologies offers a complete line of electrospinning equipment for electrospinning research. All models are based on the proven modular design concept of IME Technologies. The product line ranges from a basic yet versatile research model to a sophisticated model…

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Mapping electrospraying process

02 October 2017

Like electrospinning, electrospraying was already discovered more than a century ago. Thanks to Fenn’s Nobel Prize in 2002, introducing electrospraying as a soft ionization method for large biomolecules, the method gained a lot of popularity. In recent years, electrospraying has…

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9th African Materials Research Society

01 October 2017

The 9th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society (AMRS2017) will be held in Gaborone, Botswana from 11-14th December 2017. The Botswana AMRS2017 will draw participants from around the world. At its heart, the AMRS series of conferences allows…

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Tailoring Electrospinning Techniques

12 September 2017

After several years of intensive research Marc Simonet (Senior Application Scientist) defended his PhD thesis successfully. This research forms part of the Project P1.01 iValve of the research program of the BioMedical Materials institute. We, as IME Technologies, are proud…

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Cardiovascular tissue engineering

04 September 2017

There is a persistent and growing clinical need for readily-available substitutes for heart valves and small-diameter blood vessels. In situ tissue engineering is emerging as a disruptive new technology, providing ready-to-use biodegradable, cell-free constructs which are designed to induce regeneration…

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Living implantable devices

10 July 2017

Could we develop living implantable devices of stem cells and biomaterials which will improve the acceptation by the body relative to current implants? The E2CM-project, supported by CrossRoads 2, is carrying out research on cell-based therapies. This research in the…

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Tissue Engineering Applications

03 July 2017

IME Technologies has developed state-of-the-art electrospinning equipment to facilitate the research, development and manufacturing of electrospun scaffolds, implants and medical devices. Our machines excels in terms of reproducibility and scalability and the GMP compliance make them the obvious choice for…

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02 June 2017

IME Technologies was founded in 2008 as a full subsidiary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). After its privatization, the company left the university physically in 2013 and set up its new headquarters in Geldrop, the Netherlands in the…

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