MediSpin® XL

IME’s patented MediSpin® XL is an electrospinning platform, specifically developed for industrial manufacturing of your medical devices. It is a continuously producing system, superior to the conventional roll-to-roll systems in both quality and quantity of the electrospun sheets –  or so called, meshes. The structure of the fibers, and thus the quality of the medical mesh, is safeguarded while the option for non-stop manufacturing allows for large-scale production.

In line with IME’s design philosophy, the platform ensures the precise control of the crucial parameters of the electrospinning process. The incorporated, ultimate automation minimizes the need for operator intervention and therefore adds to the reproducibility of the process. Moreover, the MediSpin® XL production platform has several other, customized, proprietary technologies to ensure mesh quality and reproducibility by online monitoring and process data capturing.

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