IME is the medical device company that positions itself as a partner over the entire product life cycle of electrospun medical devices. With our integral offering of technology, equipment and process development as well as R&D support, prototyping and manufacturing services we aim to enable and realize the envisioned medical devices for our customers.

IME develops and implements the electrospinning process and technology needed for the development and manufacturing of the electrospun medical devices of its customers. IME can leverage its aggregated electrospinning technology, experience and competences to accelerate the medical device development process, mitigate risks, reduce investment costs and shorten the time-to-market for its customers.

Electrospinning is a key enabling technology for addressing the needs in the regenerative medicine market. Using our technology to create scaffolds and medical devices will give you following advantages:

  • fibrous micro- and nanoscale structures that mimic the human ECM
  • synthetic materials and reproducible process assuring consistent quality
  • versatile and tunable process offering improved & extended functionality
  • platform technology yielding effective R&D and shorter time-to-market
  • simple, robust, cost-effective and scalable production process

Structured mesh

Tubular construct

3D free-form

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