We can support your medical ideas with proof of principle, product development and process optimizations. Developing your own scaffolds into medical devices requires a solid understanding of the materials and the electrospinnning process. Cut your time to market by using our experienced electrospinning team and engineers. We can assist during the entire process from idea to market, or at more selective points to make your current process fit for the requirements of your medical device production. Optimal functionality, combined with the reproducibility and scalability of the process are the pillars of our approach.

A scaffold represents the basis to engineer a living tissue replacement by providing mechanical and structural support and to guide the development of a well-organized and functional extracellular matrix. We have a large knowledge-base on processing both natural and synthetic polymers into various scaffolds. With our expertise we can design and develop scaffolds in any kind of shape, tailor and control their features such as porosity, fiber diameter from nano- to micrometer and their orientation. All together allowing us to, for example, mimic the various natural structures of the extracellular matrix in a variety of tissues.

To help you to translate your ideas into medical devices, we work closely with your research and development team to translate the requirements of clinicians into a superior product. Together we can develop your product from an idea up to cleanroom manufacturing for your (pre-) clinical evaluations.

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Heart valve scaffolds

In the 1Valve project the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology collaborates with the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and the University Medical Center Utrecht. The project aims for the establishment…

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