Living implantable devices

04 November 2019

Could we develop living implantable devices of stem cells and biomaterials which will improve the acceptation by the body relative to current implants?

The E2CM-project, supported by the European Union, is carrying out research on cell-based therapies. This research in the field of regenerative medicine is carried out by the project partners Antleron, IME Medical Electrospinning and ReGenesys.

Living Implantable devices

Living implantable devices from stem cells and biomaterials

Electrospinning technology, 3D-printing and bioreactors will transform biological raw materials to an extracellular matrix based ‘artificial tissue’. The final goal of the project are ‘living implants’. These implants will be more powerful and better accepted by the body, using the strength of the cells. This cell-based therapy will result in a faster recovery and less rejection phenomena. This will eventually improve the quality of live for patients.

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