IME moves to new Facility

23 March 2018

Medtech Company IME Technologies Moves to New and Much Larger R&D And Production Facility in Waalre, The Netherlands

Official opening with event on the future of regenerative medicine later in 2018.

Medical technology company IME Technologies, developer, producer and scientific partner in the field of biomedical electrospinning processes and equipment, has moved its operations from Geldrop to a significantly larger facility in Waalre with effect from 26 March. IME’s state-of-the-art technology enables scientists to develop medical implants that help the human body to repair itself, such as heart valves, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, skin and bone. IME is a world leader in this field. Later this year (September 2018) IME Technologies will officially open the new facility during an event themed ‘The future of regenerative medicine’.

In the new IME building at the Van Dijklaan in Waalre, the company will have the ability to, according to the highest standards, not only produce its electrospinning machines autonomously, but also the actual extracellular matrices or scaffolds for the intended medical implants. These are developed by IME in close collaboration with various partners. The company has a growing number of customers and partners worldwide in industry, science and medical institutes.

IME’s technological solutions are able to mimic the natural human extracellular matrix for implants in the human body in nanometer format, applying specific polymers. Human cells attach to this matrix leading to new body tissue. This is in contrast to implants of traditional structures, which are seen as foreign and therefore can be rejected or lead to scar tissue.

New address
IME Technologies
Van Dijklaan 6
5581 WG Waalre
The Netherlands
+31 40 28 27 956

About IME Technologies
IME Technologies develops and implements electrospin processes and equipment for the manufacturing of medical devices for (regenerative) medicine. Electrospinning is a flexible process for producing extremely thin fibres and structures that have excellent properties for use in regenerating human tissue. IME Technologies has developed unique electrospin technology for the reproducible and scalable production of electrospun material under medical conditions. Customers include industry, scientists and institutions.

Shareholders in the company are Dutch economic development company De Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) and informal investor network TIIN Capital (TIIN).