Electrospun off-the-shelf blood vessels

07 May 2018

In the research performed on IME equipment in the group of Steven Wise at the Hear Research Institute in Sydney, an electrospun silk graft showed its potential as a strong and low cost alternative to synthetic grafts for bypass surgeries.

To quote Dr Steven Wise “We’ve engineered the first silk graft found to be strong, elastic and extremely well tolerated by the body. It performed so well that it has real potential to replace other synthetic materials as the new gold standard for life-saving blood vessel grafts routinely used in Australia and around the world.”

Via electrospinning they mimicked the native properties and structure of the blood vessel. These silk vessels integrated well with the native tissue. The longer the vessels were in the body, the more comparable to the native blood vessels they became. And very crucial for the long term success of any small blood vessel implants, the inside wall was nearly completely covered by an endothelial layer. Without this endothelial layer, the blood vessel will clog-up fast.

These silk vessels outperformed the currently in human applied synthetic ones, showing great potential for the in-situ regeneration potential of such electrospun grafts.

For more details, please see their publication: Rapid endothelialization of off-the-shelf small diameter silk vascular grafts is available on: DOI: 10.1016/j.jacbts.2017.12.003

For more information on the IME equipment used, please see: