Tissue Engineering Applications

03 July 2017

IME Technologies has developed state-of-the-art electrospinning equipment to facilitate the research, development and manufacturing of electrospun scaffolds, implants and medical devices. Our machines excels in terms of reproducibility and scalability and the GMP compliance make them the obvious choice for the medical device industry.

A strong driver in the scientific advancement of electrospinning has been the significant research effort in tissue engineering. Electrospinning has proven itself as the technique of choice for making a wide variety of tissue engineering scaffolds. The rising average age of the global population, the rapid progression with electrospun scaffolds and tissue engineering technology and the predicted market size of 27 billion by 2018 make it obvious that electrospinning has a future in the biomedical market.

Our integral offering of services and technologies aims at bringing significant added value to our customers. Through adequate collaborative agreements we are certain that IME Technologies will be a valuable partner in capturing the opportunities within the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

The publication Soy protein meets bioactive glass: Electrospun composite fibers for tissue engineering applications‘ (DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2017.04.042) describes how a composite of electrospun Soy protein isolate (SPI) nanofibers and bioactive glass were investigated for tissue engineering (TE) applications. For the fabrication of SPI fibers controlling humidity parameters turned out necessary. This publication shows the importance of the possibility to control and optimize the environmental factors.

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