Sterile Filtration

HEPA filter for climate-controlled electrospinning machine

The HEPA filter is an add-in module for the EC-CLI that prevents sample contamination. The climate-control system of the EC-CLI continuously refreshes the air inside the spinning chamber to prevent accumulation of solvent vapors. However, the continuous refreshment of the air inside the electrospinning chamber might lead to unacceptable levels of particle contamination in clean (medical) applications. The filter insert prevents this by filtering the air before it enters the spinning chamber, yielding a mini-cleanroom environment.

The filter is mounted in the ceiling of the spinning chamber. It can either be included in the initial equipment delivery or it can be installed at a later time upon request. The filter insert kit consists of a H14 class HEPA filter for the electrospinning chamber and an air inlet filter for the air-conditioning system to extend the lifetime of the filter.

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