Thickness Measurement

Thickness measurement module

One of the biggest challenge in electrospinning was the accurate measurement of thickness of an electrospun membrane during production. For high demanding applications like medical devices, product quality and consistency are crucial and thickness variations easily exceed acceptable thresholds. IME proudly presents a solution for this problem in the form of an online thickness measurement module EM-TMM. The highly innovative system uses smart laser technology to accurately measure layer thickness of even very porous structures at definable locations during the electrospinning process (patent pending).

The thickness measurement module EM-TMM uses a laser based differential distance measurement to determine the thickness of the electrospun layer that is deposited on the collector surface. The thickness is determined with respect to the reflection plane of the laser inside the fibrous layer. For electrospun membranes with comparable porosity and fiber diameter, the system yields highly comparable thickness readings without any significant inter-sample variations.


  • Integrated and non-destructive quality control during production
  • Early warning of process deviations and inconsistencies
  • Increased throughput yield by minimizing thickness variations
  • Excellent tool for faster product and process optimization


  • Contactless measurement of layer thickness during electrospinning at multiple locations
  • Online monitoring of layer buildup, even at high collector speeds
  • High accuracy and repeatability allow for excellent inter-sample comparison
  • Custom single and multi-point configurations with special metrology frames possible

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