Flexible Target Collector

Rotating target collector

The rotating target collector module EM-RTC is applied for the electrospinning of tubular structures with different shapes and dimensions. The module can accommodate a wide variety of collector shapes and is capable of producing both nonwoven and aligned structures for different applications.


  • Careful design with accurate motion control
  • Minimal interference with the electric field
  • Compatible with different nozzle configurations
  • Suitable for electrospinning and electrospraying
  • Controllable fiber orientation
  • Easy clamping system for different collector shapes
  • Compatible with all machines

Additional translation nozzle stage EM-TNS

To enable the electrospinning of fibrous structures with different materials both our EM-RDC and EM-RTC module can be equipped with a second nozzle translation stage EM-TNS. The extra nozzle translation stage can also be deployed to increase the production rate of these collector modules. The specifications of the second EM-TNS are identical to those of the EM-RDC and EM-RTC modules.


  • Electrospinning of multi-component structures
  • Increase production rates
  • Flexible placement
  • Small footprint due to perpendicular orientation


  • Single-ended drive mechanism
  • Easy mounting of different rotating targets
  • Variable rotational speed: 0 – 2500 rpm
  • High speed option: 0 – 4000 rpm
  • Versatile nozzle translation stage
  • Nozzle stroke: 200 mm
  • Variable nozzle translation speed: 0 – 350 mm/s
  • Adjustable spinning distance
  • Both vertical and horizontal placement possible
  • Module control via platform user interface
  • Target dimensions: Ø0.5 – 90 mm up to 200 mm long


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