Ultra Porous Scaffolds

Low temperature electrospinning

In order to make ultra-porous scaffolds one can adjust the fiber diameter. Another, more elegant way is to use ice crystals as natural barriers for the fibers to deposit on the collector surface.

Low temperature electrospinning provides a straight-forward and elegant method to increase and control the void spaces within electrospun scaffolds. The technique is based on embedding ice crystals from the surrounding air into the electrospun scaffold by spinning onto a low-temperature collector. The ice crystals serve as removable void templates that yield highly porous scaffolds once they are dried.

The low temperature electrospinning process can be used for preparing highly porous electrospun scaffolds and cotton-like structures. These types of scaffolds are ideally suited for biomedical applications like tissue engineering since the high porosity drastically improves cell in-growth in all three dimensions. IME offers a dedicated LTE drum to utilize this innovative electrospinning process.

Benefits and features

  • Fabricating of highly porous structures
  • Single ended rotating drum Ø90x180mm
  • Suitable for rotating speeds up to 500 rpm
  • Compatible with EM-RTC drive unit
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Easy filling of drum with dry ice
  • End cap with gas ventilation holes
  • Up to 99,8% porosity


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