Taylor Cone Stabilization

Gas shield module

Solution-based electrospinning can suffer from premature solvent evaporation around the nozzle tip, in particular with volatile solvent systems. This can cause instabilities in the Taylor cone, fiber inconsistencies and in some cases even clogging of the nozzle. To overcome this problem the gas shield module EM-GSM can be deployed to eject a protective cloud of solvent vapor around the nozzle tip.


  • Prevention of premature solvent evaporation
  • Stabilizes the electrospinning process
  • Avoids clogging and blob formation at the nozzle
  • Very precise digital flow control
  • Compatible with all nozzle layouts and machines of IME


  • Chemically resistant and easily exchangeable solvent vaporizer bottle
  • Rigid housing with connections
  • Compatible with both compressed air and nitrogen supply (3 bar/43 psi)
  • Accurate solvent vapor flow rate control (0 – 1000 ml/min)
  • Flushing feature for remote nozzle cleaning
  • Plug & play installation and control via platform user interface


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