Coaxial Nozzles

Coaxial nozzle

Next to producing single, solid nanofibers, the electrospinning process can also be used to produce coaxial nanofibers. These fibers consist of a core and shell that are made out of different materials. There are many interesting applications of coaxial nanofibers such as encapsulation, catalysis, reinforcement of materials and many more. IME has developed coaxial nozzle spinneret for the electrospinning of coaxial fibers. This dedicated nozzle is versatile and easy-to-use in a variety coaxial electrospinning experiments.



  • Inner diameter of core nozzle 0.4 mm
  • Inner diameter of shell nozzle 1.2 mm
  • Other diameters available upon request
  • Adjustable core nozzle tip protusion position (-1 to +2 mm)
  • Gas cap with gas inlet connection for Taylor cone shielding
  • Quick release mounting system


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