Static Control

Anti-statics module

Reproducibility remains one of the biggest challenges in performing electrospinning. Using climate control already showed tremendous improvements in fiber quality and reproducibility. Now the next step is to control another invisible source of disturbance: static electricity.

The anti-statics module EM-ASM is one of the new innovations of IME . It eliminates static electric charges that build up during any electrospinning process.

The EM-ASM (typically mounted on the ceiling of your IME’ electrospinning machine) uses fully controlled active ionization to neutralize any electric charge accumulated inside the electrospinning chamber. Using the EM-ASM prior to engaging an experiment or production run will assure a reproducible electrospinning environment free of static charges. At the end of each experiment or production run, the module can be used to neutralize residual charges on the electrospun fibers, thereby reducing the risk of contamination by electrostatic dust attraction.


  • Increased electrospinning reproducibility
  • Contactless elimination of static charges
  • Increased throughput yield and quality
  • Excellent tool for process optimization


  • Neutralize electrostatic charges on equipment and fibers
  • Fully automated control via the platform user interface
  • Compatible with all electrospinning platforms of IME Technologies

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