Climate Control Production

Climate-controlled electrospinning machine

Electrospinning is a delicate process in which material properties, electric field strength, flow rates and other parameters need to be balanced to achieve optimal results. Moreover, the ambient temperature and relative humidity have a significant impact on the process. In our quest for process control and reproducibility, IME provides a climate-controlled electrospinning machine.

This state-of-the-art electrospinning machine offers unprecedented control over temperature and humidity during the electrospinning process. The unique capabilities of the climate-controlled electrospinning machine make it the best choice for advanced electrospinning research and product development.


  • Accurate control of temperature and humidity
  • Reproducible output under all circumstances
  • Modular and highly flexible design
  • Suitable for electrospinning and electrospraying
  • Process automation capabilities
  • User-friendly and minimal setup time
  • Stand-alone system


  • Actively temperature isolated spinning chamber
  • Multiple high voltage option configurations available
  • Reverse osmosis and UV water treatment
  • Full-color touch panel for machine operation
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Real-time monitoring of process parameters
  • Program functionality for process automation
  • Data logging of all relevant parameters
  • Temperature control 20 – 45 °C ±0.5 °C
  • Humidity control 10-80 % ±2 %


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