Electrospinning training

IME offers comprehensive, professional training options to help you in getting the most out of your electrospinning equipment and research. Our experienced electrospinning experts work together with students, scientists, technicians and operators to ensure that they acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to fulfill their tasks. Our training options include:

  • Equipment training and demonstration
  • Tailored on-site electrospinning training course
  • Comprehensive training program at the IME laboratory

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Electrospinning technology

IME has an experienced team of engineers with expertise in designing innovative electrospinning equipment. Combined with insights from our continuing R&D programs, IME is the technology partner of choice for realizing your most ambitious electrospinning goals. To accelerate your electrospinning research we can help you in addressing your technological needs. Topics that you could consider are for example:

  • Electrospinning process automation
  • Tailor-made modules and accessories
  • Increased production efficiency and output
  • Smart batch processing and handling
  • Pre- and post-treatment processes

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Equipment maintenance

To ensure optimal performance of the electrospinning equipment IME offers multiple maintenance options. The climate-controlled electrospinning equipment (EC-DIG+ and EC-CLI) are recommended to fulfill the preventive maintenance at least once a year.

To assist our customers in minimizing equipment downtime and maximizing the product lifetime, IME offers the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance and (long term) support plans
  • Extended warranty options
  • On-site relocation services
  • Equipment upgrades and modifications
  • Repairs and troubleshooting

In the unlikely event of an equipment malfunction, we offer the possibility to remotely diagnose the equipment. Based on the problem diagnosis we either provide a remote solution or a service engineer is dispatched to address the problem at your location.

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