Electrospinning equipment

With our versatile range of medical electrospinning equipment, you can improve the efficiency of your electrospinning research and development activities. The patent protected equipment of IME is developed to control and direct every step of the electrospinning process, resulting in control over the fiber diameter, mesh thickness and structure on the nano- and micrometer level.

This allows for the production of structures such as scaffolds for heart valves and neurotubes that stimulate cells to create tissues that resemble or are identical to the natural tissues in the human body. IME equipment is safe, reliable and robust and is developed for stable and reproducible electrospinning of high precision medical products. Over a hundred IME’s medical electrospinning machines are operating worldwide at research institutions and medical device companies.

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Fundamental research

In the group of Prof. Dr. Christian Clasen from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the KU Leuven in Belgium aims to understand the flow and mass transfer phenomena on the micro-time and micro-dimensional scale…

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