Research Equipment

To help you to create superior medical nanofiber devices fulfilling all your requirements and with the highest possible predictability, we offer a versatile portfolio of medical electrospinning equipment and services:

Your success in research and development of fiber-based medical device solutions is strongly dependent on how well you are able to control the electrospinning process. Controlling crucial parameters like fiber diameter and structure, porosity, mesh thickness and tensile strength is vital for the in-vitro and in-vivo functionality of your product. IME’s pioneering research and over a decade of medical electrospinning experience has evolved into ground breaking solutions for the elimination of all crucial factors distorting the electrospinning process. IME was first to invent stringent climate control and subsequently has invented solutions to control the stability of the Taylor cone, static electricity, and mesh thickness. Furthermore, IME is specialized in developing collectors that facilitate the production of your specific shape and enable easy removal of your product from the target. In conclusion, IME is the leader in cutting edge medical electrospinning equipment that is safe, reliable and robust.

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If you are looking for proven technology, do consider IME. Over a hundred of IME’s Medical Electrospinning machines are operating worldwide. Your medical device quality is safeguarded by eliminating sources of product contamination. Multiple products manufactured using IME’s technology are now either on the market or in clinical development.

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