IME Technologies was founded in 2008 as a full subsidiary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The initial goal of the two initiators Jan van Helvoirt and Ramon Solberg was to form a bridge between the university and the high-tech industry. Supported by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IME Technologies provided contract research, consultancy and technology development services to a wide variety of customers both from academia and industry. Next to providing services, IME Technologies was also active in the development and commercialization of R&D equipment for emerging technologies. One of these technologies was electrospinning, the topic of the Master’s project of Ramon Solberg. During the start-up years, the company was able to sell its new electrospinning apparatus to various academic customers.

2011 – 2012

The opportunities for the company in the electrospinning equipment market proved to grow much faster than its project business. Therefore, the decision was taken in 2011 to abandon the hybrid business model and completely focus on the further expansion of the electrospinning equipment activities. At the beginning of 2012 IME Technologies was privatized and taken over by the current management. Subsequently, the company acquired a first round investment from TIIN Capital (TIIN) and the Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (BOM) to finance the growth ambitions of IME Technologies towards becoming an electrospinning OEM.

2012 – 2015

After its privatization, the company left the university physically in 2013 and set up its new headquarters in Geldrop, the Netherlands in the heart of the Brainport region. Since 2012, IME Technologies has experienced a rapid growth. The staff increased from 3 in 2009 to 10 in 2014 and annual turnover grew at 50-60% for three consecutive years. In 2014 the installed base increased to around 50 systems, spread out over 6 continents. For the coming years, IME Technologies anticipates a further increase in growth by launching a new generation of GMP complant electrospinning platforms and related products.

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