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At IME we believe that our integral offering of groundbreaking competence in technology, equipment and process development can enable and realize the envisioned medical devices for our customers. We have developed superior electrospinning technologies which enable the production of medical implants with a nanostructure representing the human extracellular matrix in a reproducible and scalable manner. Implants produced with our technology have proven to repair, replace and restore tissues and organ structures in the human body. Multiple products manufactured using our technology are now either on the market or in clinical development.

IME is a Dutch medical technology company located in the ‘Brainport region Eindhoven’. We have a highly skilled team of engineers and application specialists to help our customers to develop superior and reproducible results. All our products are CE conform. With more than 10 years’ experience in medical electrospinning, working together with IME improves the quality of your operations and allows you to save time and money on the overall process.

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