9th African Materials Research Society

01 October 2017

The 9th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society (AMRS2017) will be held in Gaborone, Botswana from 11-14th December 2017. The Botswana AMRS2017 will draw participants from around the world. At its heart, the AMRS series of conferences allows the scientific and research communities to build knowledge, foster relationships and promote action for further understanding and collaborations in the broad fields associated with materials science and technology.

Due to the versatility of the electrospinning technology, there are a wide range of materials that can be applied. In the biomedical field the choice of the electrospinning materials are of fundamental importance. Biomedical products are based on degradable materials for short- to mid-term implants to non-degradable for permanent implants, such as dialysis shunts. IME Technologies is the partner of choice for the development and production of your medical device. Thanks to its long and well established experience in electrospinning, we can support you in the production of electrospun products, based on FDA-approved natural, synthetic and supramolecular polymers.

Information about IME Technologies will be available during the conference. Our Digital and Climate-controlled electrospinning machines are installed at the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI).

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