10th Symposium on Biologic Scaffolds

09 March 2018

The symposium on Biological Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine is designed to advance the understanding and use of biologic scaffold materials for regenerative medicine and all general surgery applications. The format includes a series of presentations describing the potential benefits and risks associated with the use of such materials, factors that affect performance, and the clinical applications that may benefit most from their use. Topics range from the most basic science of cell:matrix interaction to mechanisms of scaffold remodeling at the molecular level through the preclinical and clinical level. Feedback from previous symposia (this is a bi-annual event) consistently identifies the equal mix of clinicians and basic scientists as the most beneficial and rewarding aspect of the meeting.

IME Technologies is the leading partner for the development and manufacturing of electrospun medical devices, therefore IME Technologies is a sponsor of this event.

Silverado Resort – Napa, California (USA) – May 3 – 5, 2018

The interest in electrospinning has increased rapidly over the past decade. At first mainly from a scientific perspective, but nowadays there is also a strong industrial interest in electrospinning applications, because of the unique characteristics of these ultra-thin fibers, their nanoscale surface area and relatively defect-free molecular structure. These properties open the way towards applications like Tissue Engineering, Medical Devices and Drug Delivery.

Electrospinning technology allows and promote cell infiltration within the scaffolds, cells will then deposit the extracellular matrix (ECM). This is finding a lot of applications in the production of medical devices. Its versatility allows to generate scaffolds for different medical implants, especially focusing on the soft tissues.

IME Technologies has a long and well established experience in electrospinning, particularly in the field of development and manufacturing of medical devices. Our machines are used to generate electrospun medical devices following the directions of surgeons to deliver a patient based solutions. The possibility to mimic the human ECM opens the way for various medical applications like cardiovascular implants, nerve guidance and regeneration, wound dressing, dental implants and fiber bundle based implants.

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